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About BNP Paribas Asset Management

BNP Paribas Asset Management is the sustainable investor for a changing world.

We believe that an exclusive focus on financial data and short-term performance does not produce long-term growth or long-term investment returns. We take a broader approach: we rigorously scrutinise the strategies and behaviours of companies and governments to deliver what our clients want most – long-term sustainable investment returns, built on the firm foundation of quality assets.

This unwavering focus has shaped our company and directs all that we do: our strategy, our structure, our products, our processes, our culture, how we engage with clients, and the companies and markets we invest in.

We manage around EUR 408 billion in assets*, entrusted to us by individuals, financial advisers, corporations, central banks, pensions funds and more.

Why us?

We believe five key features separate us from other asset managers.

  • Our breadth and depth of our investment experience: We have over 40 specialised investment teams covering traditional and non-traditional asset classes, with more than 500 investment professionals*
  • Our local footprint and global scale: With more than 3 000 employees, we are present in 36 countries around the world, meaning we are close to our clients and the investment we make on their behalf
  • Our focus on long-term sustainable returns: We systematically and explicitly integrate environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into our investment processes, since we are convinced these will help generate more value for our clients.
  • Our diversity and culture: Our business culture attracts, develops and retains a highly diverse team of leading investment professionals.
  • Our resilient and scalable platform: Our heritage, scale and ownership provides us with a resilient platform that enables us to take a longer-term perspective, which means we can innovate and invest in our business and people to benefit our clients.

More about us

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In a nutshell

We are the asset manager for a changing world. Learn more about us and watch our company presentation.

Why we are Future Makers, not takers

We’re actively shaping a more sustainable future through our behaviours and investments.

 *Source: BNP Paribas Asset Management, as of 31 March 2020