About BNP Paribas Asset Management

BNP Paribas Asset Management in a nutshell

BNP Paribas Asset Management is a leading provider of quality investment solutions for individual, corporate and institutional investors. We have EUR 557 billion in assets under management and employ 3 000 staff in 35 countries [1]. We are backed by BNP Paribas, whose scale and A rating gives us and our clients the secure foundations to invest and make a positive difference to people’s futures.

We are ‘the asset manager for a changing world’. We have organised ourselves to be able to stay at the forefront of developments, while maintaining an unwavering focus on what our clients want most: long-term sustainable returns, built on the firm foundations of quality assets that deliver returns over the long term.

The world is discovering that a narrow focus on financial data and short-term performance does not produce long-term growth or investment returns. Eyes are turning to companies like ours, who for many years have taken a broader perspective and have identified how the strategies and behaviours adopted by companies and governments can influence the sustainability of their growth.

This single-minded philosophy has shaped our firm and directs all we do: our strategy, our culture, our structure, our products and processes; the way we engage with our clients; and our role in influencing the companies and the markets we invest in to shape the future. It means we have developed our own unique set of capabilities to deliver this objective.

The breadth and depth of our expertise

We manage EUR 557 billion on behalf of clients based all around the world. This is testament to the breadth and depth of our investment expertise across all asset classes. We have 43 specialised investment teams covering

Local presence on a global scale

Our powerful global distribution model enables us to service institutional and retail clients according to their needs, jurisdiction and local regulations. The presence of our investment professionals on the ground, notably in 15 emerging markets, gives us the local knowledge, insights and relationships vital to consistently outperform in the market long-term.

Focus on sustainability of returns for our clients

All our investment products and solutions are built around a deep understanding of our client goals and how they will change. We seek to deliver long-term sustainability of returns through:

  • Proprietary insight: we invest heavily in our own quantitative and fundamental research and are leaders in combining the two into quantamental investing.
  • Risk management is a constant point of attention of our portfolio managers to ensure that risks are properly evaluated and managed precisely.
  • ESG: A founder signatory of the UN PRI and a recognised leader in the field, we have used ESG criteria as an integral part of our investment process across all our open ended funds since 2011 – to help reduce risk, identify opportunities and direct our engagement with the companies we invest in and so improve the long-term performance of our holdings.

Diversity and culture

Our business culture attracts, develops and retains a highly diverse team of leading investment professionals. Much of our investment is aimed at finding digital, organisational and cultural ways to facilitate the sharing of their insights openly to provide us with better visibility of opportunities and risks.

Resilient and scalable platform

Our scale and ownership give us a resilient platform from which we can confidently take a longer-term perspective as we innovate and invest in our business and people for the benefit of our clients.

Today, we are one of the world’s leading asset managers, given the privilege and responsibility by our clients to invest their money in the way that enables them to realise their future projects. This is why we say, ‘investing means the world to us.’

[1] September 2018

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