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Claire Thoulouze-Fiastre

ESG Integration Lead, BNP Paribas Asset Management

Claire is ESG Integration Lead at BNPP AM and joined the firm in 1997. The changing regulatory environment, including the introduction of SFDR, is placing increasing importance on ESG data, and in this recently created role, Claire works closely with BNPP AM’s investment teams to ensure the strategic oversight and optimal flow of ESG data through the company.

After a first experience in financial control and a close cooperation with investment teams to set up working groups for the BNP Paribas merger, she joined the front office teams. Claire then spent 10 years as a multi-asset portfolio manager, with a focus on equity and dynamic portfolios, and managed assets for various client types (French and international institutions, collective retirement schemes, open-ended funds).

Following this, Claire joined the CEO's office and coordinated various strategic projects for investments, related to BNPP AM's strategic plan and transformation. From 2017, she was the CIO‘s Chief of Staff for investments and contributed to setting up the first Sustainability Committee before Jane’s arrival. After a sabbatical year in 2020, she joined the Sustainability Centre, in charge of ESG integration.

Claire holds a Master's degree from Paris Dauphine University and a European Analyst diploma (CFAF – best in class 2005).

Claire is based in Paris.


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