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Kristen Piskorowski

Investment Specialist, Inflation-Linked Bond and Structured Securities Portfolios

Kristen is responsible for representing the team’s capabilities and for the communication and commercialization of inflation-linked and structured securities strategies.

Prior to becoming an Investment Specialist, Kristen was an Assistant Manager of Fixed Income Operations. In this capacity, her primary responsibility was to ensure that all daily operational processes were accurately completed and that any questions and/or requests from clients, custodians and/or internal departments were answered appropriately and promptly. She was also responsible for employee training and development.

Kristen joined FFTW, a predecessor of BNP Paribas Asset Management, in 2004 and is based in New York.

Kristen has held several positions at FFTW and its affiliates, including Trade Support Administrator, Portfolio Administrator and Portfolio Administrator Supervisor. She joined FFTW as a Reconciliation Administrator.

Kristen has 16 years of investment related experience. She holds a BS in Finance from Villanova University.


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