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Sophie Vallat

Head of Investment Multi-Specialists – MAQS

Sophie Vallat is Investment Multi-Specialist at MAQS since 2017, focusing on multi-management and transformation projects, including ESG.

Sophie has been an Investment Specialist at BNP Paribas Asset Management since 2008, initially on European equities, prior to covering Multi Asset in 2012. As such, she has been in charge of developing and commercialising investment strategies and bespoke solutions to institutional clients, wholesale distributors, and internal networks.

Prior to joining our firm, Sophie worked in London and New York for Lehman Brothers. She initially joined in 1999 in investment banking, prior to transitioning to equity research. She has covered the healthcare, software and telecom sectors.

Sophie has over 20 years of experience in finance. She holds an MBA from Columbia University and graduated from HEC Paris, Grande Ecole programme. Sophie initially studied aeronautical engineering, graduating from Imperial College of London and ISAE in Toulouse, with joint masters’ of science degrees. Sophie is based in Paris


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