Jacky Prudhomme

Jacky Prudhomme - Head of ESG Integration and Social Business InvestmentsHead of ESG Integration, BNP Paribas Asset Management

Since September 2013, Jacky has been the head of ESG Integration at BNP Paribas Asset Management. Prior to taking over this role, he held various positions within BNP Paribas Asset Management including co-head SRI Research/head of Best in Class Research. He was also a member of the SRI research team where responsibilities included extra-financial assessment methodologies in SRI research and coordination of the European analyst team. Before joining the firm, he was sustainable development manager at Arcelor in Luxembourg, where he was in charge of the relationships with socially responsible investors. Jacky started his professional career at ARESE, now Vigeo, and was head of international relations, as well as a member of the industrial securities analyst team, where he participated in the creation of the first extra-financial rating agency. He has 19 years of investment experience.

Jacky holds a master’s degree in Economics & Energy Policy and a bachelor’s degree in Economics & Finance, both from the University of Paris X.