Marie-Sophie Pastant

Marie-Sophie Pastant - Deputy Head of Indexed team at THEAMDeputy Head of Index Funds, THEAM

Marie-Sophie Pastant joined the Indexed Funds Management team of BNP Paribas Asset Management SIGMA (Structured, Indexed & Generation Multi Alpha) as portfolio manager in April 2007.

In February 2011, she was appointed as the head of the Index Funds team within THEAM. In this role, she is responsible for coordinating and supervising the activity of the team and for contributing to the development of the Parworld Track platform. She also has direct responsibilities for managing indexed funds (by pure, synthetic or optimised replication) and correlated and leveraged employer-sponsored mutual funds.

Marie-Sophie has a MSc of Economic Analysis and Econometrics from the University of Marseille (GREQAM) and graduated from the engineering school Ecole Centrale Marseille in 2007.