Nieck Ammerlaan

Nieck Ammerlaan - senior web content editor & investment content writer

Nieck Ammerlaan is content manager – publications, acting as senior web and blog content editor & investment content writer with BNP Paribas Asset Management in Amsterdam, having previously worked for its predecessor companies Fortis Investment and ABN Amro Asset Management.

Before moving into the financial services industry in 2006, Nieck was senior correspondent with the Reuters international news agency, working in Amsterdam (1986-1990), Frankfurt (1990-1994, 2004-2006), London (1994-1995), Brussels (1995-1999) and Zurich (1999-2004).

Nieck holds a degree in English & American Literature and Linguistics from the University of Nijmegen, the Netherlands, with a specialisation in Applied Linguistics, having studied at Salford University in the UK and subsequently held teaching jobs at various schools in the Netherlands.

Further training included editing and writing courses; financial markets, macroeconomics, financial accounts and asset management courses; photography 101; social media, infographics and blogging courses; and (online) marketing communications courses.